First Look – Ultra-Cool, Affordable and Very Omega – The New Railmaster Master Chronometer Collection

By rolex
April 7, 2021
4 min read

At Baselworld 2017, while showing up on the Omega Watches stall, there was the 1957 Trilogy (Speedmaster, Seamaster, Railmaster) . Trust us, these watches are madly attractive, entirely executed, profoundly devoted, and… sold out. We’ll have a more critical gander at them in a couple of days. Still there was another watch loaded with interest, a watch that genuinely address what Omega was, is and ought to be, the new Omega Railmaster Master Chronometer Collection: reasonable, toolish, significantly fueled, proportional and generally, simply cool. A cautious superstar, that we’re going to look closer.

With this new Omega Railmaster Master Chronometer Collection, don’t expect the vintage feel of the new 1957 Trilogy , nor the crazy quality of a Moonwatch or the enormous specialized arrangements of a Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black . The new Railmaster (the normal one, not the 1957 reissue) is just about the pith of Omega: a lively 3-hander with an available price, a toolish look and an incredible development. Much the same as the 1960s/1970s Seamasters, this watch is nothing extravagant except for still an amazingly genuine bundle, blended in with this je-ne-sais-quoi of Omega, a particular feeling of plan that is just about cool.

Surprisingly, this new Omega Railmaster Master Chronometer Collection is excluded from the Baselworld 2017 public statement neither one of the its is appeared on the Omega Watches site. In any case, as far as we might be concerned, it merit a more grounded place. No fired case, no Cousteau-like water opposition, no complication neither remarkable specialized arrangements. The Omega Railmaster Master Chronometer is a basic watch, yet a fundamental one. Most importantly, it comes in steel, completely brushed for a downplayed, rather instrument look (and we as a whole love Omega device watches…), with an incredible 40mm measurement. Lyra drags, level bezel, huge dial opening, a likelihood to have a texture tie or a brushed steel bracelet… Great bundle, with screw-down crown and 150m water opposition. As such a “entry-level” watch, one thing is possibly somewhat pitiful; a shut caseback (the development has the right to be seen). Then again, as a named “Railmaster”, this watch is hostile to attractive, however not due to its case, but since of its Master Chronometer development (indeed, for not exactly CHF 5,000…)

This new Omega Raimaster 2017 isn’t only a lovely face. It’s likewise an extraordinary motor. Inside the case is the Caliber 8806, which means a 15,000 Gauss automatic movement with co-hub escapement, single barrel (55h force hold), silicon parts and common Omega wrapping up. It is Master Chronometer affirmed ( more subtleties to be seen here ) and comes with a 4-year guarantee. At the cost, that’s very much a movement.

And there’s the dial of this new Omega Railmaster Master Chronometer Collection. No applied files, no extravagant subtleties once more. It is simply the good-old Omega plan that we love. It includes a combination of sharp painted markers for the hours with a lot of Arabic numerals exactly where it should (3-6-9-12), a cross-hair in the middle, implement hands with radiant paint, very much positioned logos and engraving and a generally speaking inconspicuous, yet slight unpleasant completion. The dial is in fact steel (and not the standard metal or bronze) and has been improved with a profound vertical brushing (nothing really historically applicable except for the outcome is outwardly engaging). Two tones are accessible: anthracite or silver. The files and hands are loaded up with a somewhat vintage-like paint (possibly all in all too much, yet it fits the idea).

Now comes the best news: the price. While a large portion of the master Chronometer watches at Omega are presently near CHF 6,000, this new Railmaster Master Chronometer Collection makes the extraordinary development with against attractive properties open for less the CHF 5,000, and to be precise CHF 4,500 on strap and CHF 4,600 on steel bracelet. What’s more, presently, this makes this watch very much a killer. .


We got a few comments about this watch, requesting a few precisions (recall that this watch isn’t on the site of the brand and it was not piece of the press pack conveyed to columnists at Baselworld 2017). We presently have affirmation by Omega on the following points:

  • The observe in reality includes a screw-in crown (and not a pull-out crown like said elsewhere)
  • The water opposition is 150m/500ft
  • The thickness is 12.65mm
  • The watch includes a caseback with NAIAD LOCK design to keep the phrasing upright
  • The careful name of the model is “Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Railmaster”