De Bethune Dream Watch 6 Table Clock x @byJorgHysek

By rolex
April 16, 2021
2 min read

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Note: this new timekeeping object isn’t De Bethune’s first table clock. In 2003, Denis Flageollet designed a strange Stellar clock, propelled by marine chronometers of yesteryear.

Even however it is a table clock, the De Bethune Dream Watch 6 is obviously De Bethune – which means, in its very own class and well past the limits of standard watchmaking. For the event, the brand has collaborated with Swiss craftsman and designer Jorg Hysek to make a retro-modern article. The outcome resembles translating the dial of a De Bethune watch into the bigger configuration of a table clock, a mechanical model imbuing extremely old custom with a modern creation.

Framed by Roman numerals, the mark De Bethune blue night sky dial, made of blued reflect cleaned titanium and trimmed with white gold stars, is featured by a secretive hour and moment sign by means of two circles. A circular moon stage, one of De Bethune’s famous complications, completes this dazzling showcase.

At the core of the De Bethune Dream Watch 6 Table Clock, and noticeable under a straightforward arch, is the 180-component hand-wound mechanical development 1318-010 altogether made by De Bethune. Running at 18,000 vibrations each hour and bragging 8 days power hold, it shows the hour, minute and the moon stage with a precision of 1 day like clockwork. Designed in show by Denis Flageollet and Jorg Hysek, the packaging fuses normal De Bethune design components: dynamic lines, the brand’s trademark blue and the utilization of titanium.

The cost of the De Bethune Dream Watch 6 Table Clock is set at CHF 190,000. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit