David Candaux 1740 “The First 8” – The heart and soul of the Vallée de Joux

By rolex
April 7, 2021
4 min read

Welcome in the central core of free watchmaking from the Vallée de Joux, yet with a cutting edge eye… half a month prior, we met with perhaps the most intriguing amazements from Baselworld 2017, the “1740 The first 8” – and obviously with its maker, David Candaux. See what hand-made and innovative watchmaking mean!

The name David Candaux might actually solid recognizable to some of you, as he has been the behind-the-scene architect of some marvelous turns of events, for a few conspicuous brands. He worked quite a while for Jaeger-LeCoultre and afterward, he began another profession as an autonomous development creator. In this job he was associated with a few watch improvements, anyway consistently mysterious and in the background. At the point when he was a youngster, David was imagining that he would become an accomplished watchmaker just once he would plan and make his own watches, by his hands. This opportunity has arrived and, without a doubt, David is an extremely skilled watchmaker. 

His first creation as a free watchmaker, the 1740, the first 8, is a wonderful piece of horological resourcefulness, with stunning craftsmanship and outstanding enumerating. A large portion of all, it is an individual work by a man who has arrived at an age where his principle design is to make the things imperative to his heart and soul (“le coeur et l’esprit” in French, as engraved on the dial).

The name of the David Candaux 1740 is a reasonable reference to where these watches are produced. It alludes to the year when the presence of a watchmaker has been confirmed unexpectedly in the Vallée de Joux. On this rather interesting watch, the first thing to get your attention is its deviated plan. Made of hand-grained pink gold, the dial is slanted, raised at 12 o’clock and brought at 6 o’clock down to make it simpler to peruse the time. It shows askew hours and minutes on an auxiliary finish dial with a breeze rose motif.

The watch is directed by a 30-degree slanted flying tourbillon, made in titanium and mounted on a fired metal balls. Its equilibrium highlights directing screws and a hairspring with Breguet overcoil. To guarantee consistent chronometry, when the force save falls under a basic level, the development naturally stops. Exactness is a genuine concentration for David who has tried the watch with Chronofiable and plans to present his creation to COSC, to acquire the Chronometer cerificate.

Just like the dial, the development is slanted (haggles). The extensions are done shaping a level uniform surface yet are falling. This features their beautification and highlights the impression of light on their great points. The development finish is without a doubt noteworthy even more that the plate and scaffolds are created from untreated titanium, except for the little steel connect! These are brightened with “côtes du Solliat“, another (and eminent) sort of stripes expounded by David. The anglage and cleaning of all parts are top-notch.

The steel case is 43mm in measurement. Its smooth lopsided plan includes a mystery retractable crown situated at 6 o’clock. It is opened by proceeding it with 3 positions. (nonpartisan, reset and winding). The topsy-turvy box-molded gem is made from sapphire. The watch is worn on a croc tie got by a pin clasp, engraved with David Candaux’s “bear” logo. David picked this creature as a logo for his image due to his singular, now and again unpleasant character – But don’t be mixed up, David is an excessively agreeable individual. Notwithstanding that, he likewise brews his own lager, which is another valid justification for the Monochrome group to visit him soon in the Vallée de Joux! For more data, visit  www.dcandaux.ch .

Technical details David Candaux 1740 the first 8

  • Case: 43mm x 12.65mm–hardened steel – sapphire gem – sapphire back – secret crown – water impervious to 30m
  • Movement: type 1740 – 35.00 mm x 6.20 mm – haggles slanted 3° – mechanical with manual winding – 55h power hold – 21’600 vibrations/h – 47 gems – off kilter hours and minutes, focus seconds, power save sign, slanted flying tourbillon
  • Strap:  coordinated crocodile tie with pin buckle
  • Limitation: 8 pieces
  • Retail price: 237,800 USD