Buzz Aldrin & George Clooney Talk Shop during the Omega Speedmaster’s 60th Anniversary Celebrations

By rolex
April 6, 2021
1 min read

Last month I had the particular advantage of  going to the 60th anniversary festivities of the Omega Speedmaster . While I am normally somewhat doubtful about commemorations of watches, I have no issue at all with commending the 60th anniversary of the primary watch on the moon. As a component of the festivals, two respectable men who were available during the celebrations, named Mr. Buzz Aldrin and Mr. George Clooney, got together to talk shop. While Buzz really strolled on the moon, George likewise had some insight (all things considered, not actually, however in the film Gravity it looked cool) and they examined how Buzz’s accomplishments affected George, and a large number of other Earthlings. 

Without further ado…. here’s a record of the gathering among Buzz and George.

Now I don’t know which film these two honorable men observed together, anyway these two are my top choices of the rundown of recordings committed to the investigation of room and the moon and the Omega Speedmaster.

However I urge you to examine all the recordings on Omega in Space channel at Youtube .