Bell & Ross X The Rake and Revolution Bellytanker “El Mirage” & “Dusty” Chronographs

By rolex
June 1, 2021
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Usually, we would not cover restricted version watches made by our neighbors (another magazine) yet for once, we’ll make an exception. Not just on the grounds that Wei Koh (originator of The Rake and Revolution ) is an old buddy of our own, not just on the grounds that we like Bell & Ross watches, however for the most part in light of the fact that the aftereffect of this new cooperation is very attractive! In light of the generally cool Vintage BellyTanker , The Rake and Revolution adds a popular touch to the assortment with some “tropical”, vintage-like elements to make two watches verifiably dans l’air du temps: the Bellytanker “El Mirage” & “Dusty” Chronographs.

The Tropical/Patina effect

The gathering world is going through an emotional advancement. For watches as well as for vehicles – and we as a whole think about the nearby connections among vehicles and watches. Wei Koh explains it perfectly: “A few decades prior, the principal thing a vehicle authority would do with his 356 Speedster was an edge off reclamation, remaking the motor and molecule shooting the body prior to repainting it to reflexive perfection.” And to be sure, a similar applied to watches.

Over the previous decade, the circumstance has changed to one and only idea: authenticity. What number of “barn finds” have established precedents at barters? On account of (or due to) Patrizzi or Bacs, the “cool factor” in watch gathering has changed from flawless condition to recognizability, unique condition and iconic issues. The story behind the desired item has become more significant than the state of the article itself. This is when the advocacy of tropical dials went to the market.

The truth that every single watch is extraordinary and has the hints of its previous life stepped on the dial makes the item considerably more pursued. Realizing that the watch business had been playing on the vintage pattern for longer than 10 years at this point, we didn’t need to stand by some time before new watches began to bear faux-patina and tropical dials. Chic and desirable.

With the new Bell & Ross X The Rake and Revolution Bellytanker “El Mirage” & “Dusty” Chronographs, we have the ideal example of applying the vintage/gathering soul in another, cutting edge bundle. The most amazing aspect the two universes, on the off chance that you need. This is the reason the two watches that our Revo companions are dispatching play on tones of brown and evolutive materials, to bring the possibility of “growing old gracefully” to the Bellytankers.

The Base – the B&R Bellytanker

The Rake and Revolution haven’t made a watch without any preparation however rather utilized one of the coolest Bell & Ross watches as a base, the Bellytanker Chronograph . While the reconsidered Vintage assortment previously established a serious connection when it was dispatched in 2017 – slimmer, more slender, more vintage-situated, nicely formed and substantially more comfortable on the wrist – we need to concede that the Bellytanker version surely is the best of them all.

The name “Bellytanker” alludes to a post-WWII practice. From the outset, bellytanker was the name given to a crisis drop tank fitted in the belly of military aircraft. When the Second World War finished, this word took on another importance and turned into a moniker for the rapid race vehicles produced straightforwardly from these extra tanks. In 2017, Bell & Ross utilized this verifiable practice to consider its own – nonexistent – “Bellytanker” car, which gave the motivation for  a progression of watches .

The watches had a reasonable 1950s motivation and varied from the remainder of the assortment because of their interesting tone – a patinated copper (practically salmon) dial with dark sub-counters – similarly as though “the dial of this watch had been influenced by UV light of the Southern California sun and the extreme heat”.

Using this watch as a base, the Rake and Revolution bring new tones, new materials for two alluring restricted versions .

Bell & Ross X The Rake and Revolution Bellytanker “El Mirage”

The first form introduced is named “El Mirage”. Motivated by the bright yellow uniform of Burke’s unbelievable Belly Tank Racer, the watch was initially going to be made in yellow gold. Be that as it may, the last decision for this Bell & Ross X The Rake and Revolution Bellytanker “El Mirage” was to utilize an alternate material for the case. To keep the value available, Belamich and Rosillo (originators of B&R) proposed a bronze compound rather – a thought that ended up being considerably more in accordance with the general idea of patinated watches, given the exceptional maturing measure innate to this material.

As we’ve explained as of now with the BR03-92 Diver , bronze is a material that will acquire patina, contingent upon the wearer’s exercises. Nonetheless, for this situation, the watch utilizes an exceptional settled bronze, still fit for exuding a rich, extreme yellow tone that will patinate somewhat as it were. So no huge measure of green oxide expected, yet a cool, prudent measure of patina to act like a vintage gold watch.

The bronze instance of the Bellytanker “El Mirage” is combined with a champagne dial and tropical brown sub-dials, minute track and bezel, just as a coordinating brown military tie. Another exclusive element is the “Revolution” logo imprinted on the caseback. The remainder of the watch is natural: 41mm measurement, screwed pushers and crown, Sellita SW 300 two-counter programmed chronograph and 100m water-resistant.  More subtleties on the watch here .

Bell & Ross X The Rake and Revolution Bellytanker “Dusty”

The second form introduced by the Bell & Ross X The Rake and Revolution is named “Dusty”. No less vintage-motivated, it is a touch more prudent and downplayed. The thought with this watch was to take the standard dark dial Vintage B&R and to envision what it would resemble a long time from now, after day by day exposure to the California sun – an exercise in tropical plan, on the off chance that you like.

So, rather than the first cooper-hued dial found on the standard Bellytanker, the dial of “Dusty” (a reference to the dry lakes that Burke dashed on so regularly) is tobacco-brown-hued, practically caramel-like, still with dark sub-counters and seconds track and with a brown addition on the bezel.

The treated steel case is cleaned and glossy silk completed and includes similar determinations as other BR V2-94 watches: 41mm measurement, screwed pushers and crown, Sellita SW 300 two-counter programmed chronograph and 100m water-safe. It is combined with a military-style tie in medium-brown.  More subtleties on the watch here .

Availability, cost and orders

These two watches are restricted to 100 pieces for each model and will be accessible as of early November 2018. The Bell & Ross Bellytanker “Dusty” Chronograph will be evaluated at EUR 3,880 or USD 4,500 and the Bell & Ross Bellytanker “El Mirage” will be valued at EUR 4,300 or USD 4,990.

Both “Dusty” and “El Mirage” Bellytanker chronographs are joint efforts between Bell & Ross and Revolution/The Rake and might be accessible through the magazine’s own webshop. You can  register your advantage here, through this connection .