Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-92 Steel Heritage

By rolex
June 17, 2021
6 min read

For quite a while, Bell & Ross was primarily known for its square, pilot-motivated watches. Be that as it may, not every person needed to wear a particularly huge and intense 46mm watch ( the BR-01 ) and what turned into a genuine icon of current watchmaking might have become a snare for the brand. Bell & Ross needed to advance. This was the mission of the “Vintage Collection”. Completely updated in 2017 , this year the brand adds a couple of vintage components to make this collection significantly cooler, with the Steel Heritage . Today, we investigate the BR V2-92 Steel Heritage.

A watch brand essentially can’t depend on one single watch/collection, in any event when it has the ambition to sell something beyond two or three thousand pieces per year. On the off chance that having a genuine personality shared by all models is a need, a solitary concept/plan is risky – think Panerai, for example. Variety combined with consistency is vital. Realizing that the BR-01 and BR-03 watches – what B&R calls the “instrument collection” – were both achievement elements and potential dangers, the Parisian-based brand needed to develop, to bring something new, extraordinary, yet consistent with the DNA made throughout the long term. Simple to say, more diligently to accomplish. This was the mission of the Vintage collection. However, moving from a particularly strong plan – the “circle-inside a-square” watch – to something more traditional, without losing the general concept behind the brand, required a couple of steps. The 2017 Vintage collection is the most recent – and potentially the best too.

The past Bell & Ross Vintage models were fine… yet came up short on a specific style, a specific ease on the wrist. At 43mm in distance across, connected to rather long drags, it wasn’t the easygoing every day mixer some were searching for. All things considered, a collection named Vintage must have a vintage feel. The past collection was positively excessively present day, excessively sharp, too huge to even think about satisfying this position. A flaw confessed is half redressed… The 2017 Vintage collection was undoubtedly a welcome correction. Slimmer, more modest, more adjusted – so, more vintage-arranged, simpler on the eye, simpler on the wrist. Three watches were introduced: a straightforward 3-hand with 39mm case (BR-V1), a 3-hand with 41mm case and turning bezel (BR V2-92) and a 41mm chronograph (BR V2-94). The only complaint was that these watches were (possibly) altogether too cold, too technical.

This is the place where the new Bell & Ross Vintage Steel Heritage enters the field. By and large, we talk negligible updates compared to the 2017 versions – fundamentally, various tones for the files and the inscriptions. However, these unpretentious contrasts are giving this collection the cool factor it was absent. For this article, we decided to go for the 3-hander model with a turning bezel, the Vintage BR V2-92 Steel Heritage. Why this one and not the chronograph? For a basic reason: it is the most adjusted and generally wonderful of them all.

What precisely is the Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-92 Steel Heritage? As far as I might be concerned, it is an incredible illustration of a generally useful watch. So, an every day mixer. It isn’t an appropriate plunge watch. It isn’t a genuine pilot’s observe all things considered. It is a games watch with reasonable dimensions and specifications – I mean a watch that isn’t excessively revolutionary. It is a watch that can be worn as a rule. It can withstand a fair measure of water pressure, it is ensured enough for sports exercises, it has the look and feel of an energetic piece without being an extreme instrument. It has a certain “explorer feel” and simultaneously, it won’t look odd with easygoing stylish clothing. As said, a genuine illustration of an every day blender or an end of the week watch – the second watch you have close to your business dress watch.

The case, which is equivalent to the Baselworld 2017 version of the BR V2 , has a charming shape and decent proportions. At 41mm in width, it is unquestionably not estimated like a 1960s observe yet it remains generally compact on the wrist, on account of more adjusted and more bended drags. Generally, while the past B&R Vintage was sharp and sharp, the enhanced one is about bends – which is certainly more in accordance with the concept of this watch. A few surface finishings have been applied: roundabout brushing on the drags and cleaned flanks. The crown is very much ensured and screwed, with a respectable 100m water-obstruction – all that anyone could need for a dive in pungent waters or in any event, swimming. The pivoting bezel – bi-directional – isn’t carefully talking a jumping bezel, despite the fact that the hour long scale can do the work – once more, this is a universally handy watch.

The principle oddity on this Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-92 Steel Heritage comes from the marginally unique dial. While the debut edition included a dark dial with unadulterated white records and hands, this new Steel Heritage adds a touch of vintage feel with false patina iridescent paint (markers and hands), just as a red profundity indication. This evolution is moderately unpretentious yet adequate to give this piece the cool factor it was possibly deficient. It adds a hotter vibe to the watch, which combined with the exceptionally domed sapphire precious stone, makes a lovely by and large design.

As a side note, this Vintage collection may be round and less instrument ish than the BR range, however it doesn’t skirt all the mark plan components dear to B&R. To be sure, the pilot hands just as the 3-6-9-12 files, with their conspicuous font, are as yet present and manufacture a connection with the remainder of the watches offered by the brand.

We won’t speak widely about mechanics here. This has never been the point with Bell & Ross. Controlling the BR V2-92 Steel Heritage is a Sellita-based development, a Swiss programmed type with a period and date show. This dependable development will do the work in this games watch context and it permits to keep this watch in a reasonable value range. The development is obvious through the sapphire case back.

Two options are accessible for this  Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-92 Steel Heritage : a steel bracelet with a 3-interface profile and glossy silk completed surfaces or, as seen here, a graceful and comfortable dark elastic lash – the last unquestionably is the most charming option, both regarding look and of comfort.

To conclude, the Vintage BR V2-92 Steel Heritage is a decent, lovely, not very in-your-face sports watch. Generally useful is the most ideal approach to portray it. The addition of rich SuperLumiNova makes it much more attractive. It is valued at EUR 2,600 in the highlighted configuration (elastic) and EUR 2,900 with a steel bracelet. Effectively accessible in stores and in the brand’s webshop . More subtleties on .