Baltic Aquascaphe Diver (Review)

By rolex
April 17, 2021
7 min read

After effectively financing its first assortment through Kickstarter , Baltic Watches has figured out how to stand the trial of time and to endure this debut arrangement of watches. Far superior, the little idea turned into a brand and has begun to extend its assortment – and there are a lot more watches to come (yet we can’t advise you yet…) Today, we take a gander at what Etienne Malec has made as his subsequent model, an extraordinary looking, still open, straightforward instrument dive watch with vintage motivation; the Baltic Aquascaphe Diver.


Baltic Watches is the brainchild of Etienne Malec, a youthful Frenchman who has acquired his dad’s energy for watches – something he imparted to us effectively, a few years prior . An ardent authority, his dad went through years assembling an assortment of extraordinary watches, some of which have inspired the plans of Baltic’s initial two models. Tragically however, Etienne’s dad died when Etienne was still very youthful thus they were always unable to genuinely share this energy together.

The production of Baltic Watches was a path for Etienne to honor his dad and to satisfy his enthusiasm for watches – realizing him very well, I can tell that he is more than passionate… The main assortment, with the HMS and Bi-Compax, was inspired by 1940s Calatrava-molded watches, with a touch of Omega or steel Patek plan components. The mission was a triumph and the story proceeded with well after this crowdfunding cycle was finished. It was the ideal opportunity for Etienne to begin the second step of his brand’s story… And it is named the Baltic Aquascaphe Diver.

Case and design

Just like the debut assortment, the Baltic Aquascaphe Diver doesn’t shroud its vintage motivation. It has clear references to the absolute most prominent early dive watches – think Fifty Fathoms or Submariner – yet it figures out how to have its very own character. Etienne, as a prepared gatherer, is more than acquainted with the codes of vintage-inspired watches yet additionally realizes that most watch fans can’t really access these popular, pursued models. Baltic is here to give the taste, without the costly bill.

The Baltic Aquascaphe Diver has all the components of a straightforward, instrumental dive watch of the 1950s: a vigorous case made of brushed steel; a curiously large screw-down crown without crown monitors; penetrated hauls; a coin-edge bezel; restricted writing on the dial; a basic scale on the bezel’s embed bringing about a cool-looking piece.

The instance of the Baltic Aquascaphe is a strong square of steel, completely brushed, with a sensible 39mm width – an exemplary size for vintage divers – and 47mm haul to-drag. The hauls are very extended yet the comfort, even on a more modest wrist like mine (16.5cm) is extraordinary. I’ve been wearing this watch consistently for as far back as month and it has consistently been comfortable. The crown is enormous and simple to control. The case isn’t excessively thick, at 12mm, and is water-impervious to 200m. The caseback is plain and finished with waves and a scuba diver.

On top of the case sits a huge, simple to-turn bezel. It highlights 120 ticks and feels determinedly appended to the case. The coin-edge profile is a decent touch, again verifiably significant. The bezel embed is first rate made of cleaned sapphire with numerals imprinted on the inner surface. In addition to the fact that it provides an incredible feeling of profundity enhances the watch. This is combined with a domed sapphire precious stone, which is intentionally reflective… Nice to take a gander at, hard to photograph.

All in all, the nature of the Baltic Aquascaphe is impressive… Everything feels strong, composed and very much planned – particularly thinking about the cost, far beneath EUR 1K. Extents are, as far as I might be concerned, just wonderful with regards to a vintage-inspired diver.


As for the remainder of the watch, the dial of the Baltic Aquascaphe is unmistakably inspired by vintage dive watches. For this review, we had two of the three variants with us, the Blue Gilt model and the Black Cream. Note that a third model is accessible, named Black and Silver, with a grained dark dial and gleaming white markers and lume, bringing about a marginally more specialized look.

The dial of the Aquascaphe depends on a multi-layer, sandwich-like design, again showing extraordinary meticulousness. The three-sided markers are recessed, with the radiant material showing up under. The other hour markers are painted on the dial in beige iridescent material – on the two watches we have here. The implement hour and moment hands have a coordinating tone and end with a bolt tip. A candy seconds hand completes the vintage look of the watch. The 12 numeral, which combines with these spots and triangles, gives the Aquascaphe its own identity.

Depending on the model, the dial has an alternate surface. The two dark models have a grained matte completion, while the blue variant has a sunray-brushed example. The Blue and Black Cream renditions highlight a purported plated dial, with the tracks and engravings treated in a dim gold tone. Once more, you’ll comprehend the references.

Overall, regardless of the reflections from the sapphire gem, readability is extraordinary and the hands are proportional. The scrupulousness on the dial is again very impressive.


As a brand situated on the lower end of the watchmaking range, Baltic depends on Japanese programmed developments to keep the costs far underneath EUR/USD 1,000. Absolutely not the most renowned type accessible, the Miyota 9039 secured here does its position and offers unwavering quality and respectable exactness – declared at – 10/+30 sec. each day at the same time, in the current case, nearer to the – 10/+10 sec. per day.

This development, without date (and no apparition position for the crown), beats at 4Hz and has 42 hours of force hold. It additionally includes a stop-seconds.


The Baltic Aquascaphe Diver is accessible either on elastic or steel. The initial, a jungle like dark elastic tie with a vintage-inspired example and a basic steel pin-clasp is an exemplary alternative. A decent, customary choice that is wonderful to the wrist and appropriate for sporting jumping sessions.

Second, and a truly cool alternative is a “bead of rice” steel arm band – a style of wristband stylish during the 1950s and 1960s. Graceful, light and slight, it complements the outdated plan of the watch and is a delight to wear. Aside from a Jubilee wristband, relatively few different arm bands can beat a “bead of rice” as far as gracefulness and comfort. It is shut by a collapsing clasp with fine adjustment.

Note that the arm band is furnished with simple bars/brisk delivery gadget that permits the evacuation of the wristband in only a couple seconds. Moreover, the drags are bored, permitting to simple expulsion of the elastic strap.


Overall, I took incredible delight wearing the Baltic Aquascaphe Diver. We, at MONOCHROME, are accustomed to wearing very good quality watches and pieces from the standard extravagance brands, yet that doesn’t change the way that every now and then, something reasonable can make an incredible impression… The Aquascaphe did.

Whether as far as plan or execution, I can’t locate a significant imperfection on this watch. It is reliable, very much planned and, chiefly, first rate. Aside from the fairly commoner development (yet still… it does the work) and the intelligent gem, this is one extraordinary straightforward, toolish, vintage-inspired watch that could give a couple of exercises to bigger Swiss brands… If you’re searching for a pleasant, modest diver, you’d better investigate what Baltic is doing.

Price and availability

The three adaptations of the Baltic Aquascaphe Diver (Blue Gilt, Black and Silver and Black Cream) are evaluated at EUR 695 on elastic, EUR 790 on “bead of rice” steel arm band or EUR 825 with both steel wristband and elastic strap.

Orders can be made through the brand’s website . The watches are back in stock starting today (November 21st, 2019) however anticipate that it should be sold-out again beautiful fast.