Announcing – Roberta Naas joins MONOCHROME and we’re starting to cover Ladies’ Watches

By rolex
April 5, 2021
3 min read

Well, this is a major one, and I feel lowered to declare that non-other than regarded watch columnist Roberta Naas is joining Monochrome-Watches. Having a particularly experienced columnist, who has been covering the universe of watches since the mid 1980s, is a genuine upset. She has over thirty years in the business and has composed about six books regarding the matter. With that comes an unbelievable measure of information about the business, about watch models, styles and, obviously, about those beautiful components with a pulsating heart. She joins us to cover the subject a significant number of you disclosed to us that you might want to peruse more about: ladies’ watches.

As you may recall, Monochrome commended its tenth commemoration last year. We asked our companions at watch brands in the event that they might want to make a few presents accessible for you to win in our month to month give-aways, and all you needed to do was answer a few inquiries. One of these inquiries posed to what you couldn’t imagine anything better than to see more on Monochrome, and to my enormous amazement, you needed to peruse more about ladies’ watches (among others). Presently I don’t want to expound on ladies’ watches, as I think that its extremely troublesome as a man to say something regarding the plan of ladies’ watches, and how they wear.

Of course, I ask ladies I understand their opinion on another ladies’ watch (when another public statement shows up in my inbox) and I frequently hear that the watch being referred to doesn’t do it for the woman I asked. Furthermore, I’m not amazed, on the grounds that regularly it’s a men’s watch with a precious stone set bezel. To me a sorry excuse for a ladies’ watch, however hello, I’m a man so what do I think about ladies’ watches. Also, to complicate things, most ladies in my day to day existence incline toward the alleged beau watch (my significant other chiefly wears her old Rolex Airking, and once in a while a  Nomos Tangente 33 Doctors Without Borders .)

So, subsequent to giving this a great deal of thought, I chose to search for a lady who could do the work. It’s no easy task, as Monochrome has a somewhat specific style with numerous top to bottom articles, chronicled data, careful and long surveys. Anyway, how to deal with the ladies segment? Indeed, Roberta Naas is the individual who can do precisely what we here, at Monochrome, do – inside and out inclusion – and it gives me extraordinary pleasure to welcome her to the team.

Last Saturday we distributed her first about the iconic  Bulgari Serpenti. For summer period she’ll compose two articles each month, in any case, as of September she will distribute her accounts here each week.

If you need to become familiar with Roberta, she even has a Wikipedia page ( see here .) She additionally covers reasonable and extravagance watches for and composes for a portion of world’s first shopper publications.