An Unusual yet Fascinating Pilot’s Watch, the 1950s Jardur Chronograph

By rolex
April 12, 2021
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The Jardur Company of 874 Broadway, New York was a production of “Navigation Instruments” just as a merchant of the Jardur Bezelmeter and Super FlightMaster flying wristwatches and chronographs. In the beginning of commercial flight, somebody needed to give the navigational instruments, logbooks, graphs, navigational guides and slipped by time recorders to make significant distance flight conceivable and Jardur was one of those companies. I reached AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) to get some answers concerning Jardur as I had seen it referred to by pilots as their ‘flight Jreplica Watches of decision’ including B-29 Pilots during WWII just as novice pilots of the period.

Below, a Jardur Flight Calculator and Plotter

Below, a small 24-hour dial manual-wind Jardur pilots watch

I originally went over chronographs from Jardur 20 years prior, when I was perusing a book about the “Bush Pilots” of the main portion of the 20th century – this was a strong bundle of individuals who spearheaded postal mail networks in South America, conveyed arrangements to diggers in Australia’s outback and who lost their lives smashing in the East Siberian Sea while attempting to meet with an icebound Schooner.

Pilots like Harold Gillham, one of Alaska’s first hedge pilots, had a rhyme expounded on him going in the open cockpit of his Curtiss HS-SL 1919:

He Thrill em, Chill em, Spill em, But no Killem Gillham.” Killem Gillham

I have seen Jardur Jreplica Watches sold from Australia to Canada and from Africa to the USA, consistently from far removed locations in North Canada, North Africa, Outback Australia and the Midwest USA. Spots where this sort of avionics ‘tool’ would have been utilized and afterward left in a cabinet. It is troublesome in Britain to catch the significance of right planning as a navigational guide when in the event that you ran out of fuel in Montana, you could be more than 100 miles toward any path from the closest person.

I have likewise seen these Jreplica Watches sold from the bequests of US Flying Fortress Pilots based here in the UK during WWII and one date engraved from 1945 having a place with a North American Aviation P-51 Mustang pilot.

Essentially, I accept that these Jreplica Watches were utilized by pilots wherever around then as their logbooks, Flight Computers and Navigational Plotters were regularly from Jardur too.

This Jreplica Watches is a genuine piece of flight history just as being a wonderful item! The 38mm case is a strong with a strong hardened steel plan, level modern brushed sides with cleaned hauls, on the underside of which, one drag has the case number 844 – something you don’t see particularly however a component of a few pre-War military Jreplica Watches including the Czech Longines. The bezel has a sharp coin-edge profile that is completely brushed and engraved with 12 Arabic hour numerals, filled in dark with the flying image triangle in red at 12 o’clock. The caseback is the just a single I have seen that is a snapback. At that point, the Super Flight Master Jreplica Watches I have seen typically have a Valjoux 72 development and an enormous screw in the event that back. I think this is a mid one as they moved to the more honed dragged two-register Lemania development Jreplica Watches from the waterproof plan. This is an enormous Jreplica Watches especially for one that is 70+ years old, Jreplica Watches just weren’t made that large at that point however now it is simply right.

Remember that right now scored screw-down casebacks were unordinary as barely any Jreplica Watches were considered waterproof. At the point when this Jreplica Watches was dismantled for overhauling, my watchmaker called me and requested that I fly in to see the Jreplica Watches stripped down. What stunned me was that the three zones were water could departure were the openings for the crown/stem and the chronograph pushers. Indeed, on this Jreplica Watches there are tubed shoulders patched into the openings put forth in the defense by the superfluous capacity catches. The cylinders made for the pushers and crown stem are fixed with ‘plug’! Indeed, plug to keep it waterproof/dustproof!

Amazingly, following 60 odd years, the stopper covering that was shaped into the inside of the defensive shoulders is still there to this day.

The Jreplica Watches has a wonderful development, a yellow plated Valjoux 71, a 12-hour manual-wind chronograph, which is the precursor of perhaps the best development ever. The development is exceptionally perfect and has never had any rust with simply a slight staining of the overlaid, which is normal with a Jreplica Watches of this age.

Now, the dials of these Jreplica Watches are something different. In the first place, you scarcely at any point see dials in this condition. This Jreplica Watches is basically a 12-hour recording chronograph with a 30-minute slipped by time recorder on the right. It additionally can follow a subsequent time region with the 12-hour bezel by setting a counterbalance to the hour hand of the real time. These things are vital for a pilot for computing waypoints for fuel stops and for setting the subsequent time region for intersection from one to another.

The dial is sparkle dark with the registers depressed and riven to show contrast at a point making them stand apart on the complicated dial. The light shading printing is in a pale gold/plated, which remembers a tachymeter for the external edge and a 60-second counter around the middle including the sub-dials. The Arabic numerals were made of strong lume and have matured into a smooth khaki – which looks incredible against the gilt.

The last astonishing piece of the dial is that it has a stamped 180-degree ring. The account of this track should be clarified. Planes were changed so they could do a standard turn of 3 degrees each second. For example, if the pilot needed to make a 75-degree turn, he’d start the chronograph and for each slipped by second, the plane would turn 3 degrees. Accordingly, following 25 seconds, when the seconds hand pointed at 75 on the dial, the plane would have made a 75-degree turn.

This Jreplica Watches additionally has the most delightful hands of any Jreplica Watches from the mid-century I have at any point seen, suggestive of the WWII Smiths airplane clocks – otherwise called basilica hands. Simple to see and in unfathomable condition.

This is an incredible Jreplica Watches for both the horological and the flying enthusiast.