American Manufacture RGM Watch Co. Launches Art Watches

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May 27, 2021
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Recently at the WatchTime New York show, Roland Murphy of RGM Watch Company flaunted his most current collection of Art watches for people. Fundamentally unique for RGM, which for the most part plays on the traditional side of things ( lacquer dials or motor turned dials ) or American-propelled pieces ( railroad watches ), these timepieces are intended to rouse the art sweetheart altogether of us.

Those effectively acquainted with Roland Murphy and RGM Watch Company might be somewhat shocked by the freshest Artwork watches he has recently delivered. RGM watches – made in Mt. Happiness, PA – are regularly exemplary styles with clean dials flawlessly motor turned/guilloché or plated. Some RGM watches include gaps for sneak looks at a moon stage or are openworked to permit review of a segment of the development. The freshest RGM Art watches take that exemplary watchmaking style higher than ever by offering hand-painted artistic dials.

These freshest watches – there are two models for men and two for ladies – additionally address the compelling artwork of watchmaking and hand craftsmanship, and continue a centuries-old practice of decorative art dials. They basically do it in a manner Roland Murphy and RGM has not done previously, with hand painting and radiant artistic creation for the Lady RGM Art watches, and with marquetry and cloisonné polish work for the men’s Model 25 Art Watches.

The two 40mm men’s Art watches are roused by the ocean. One highlights a cloisonné lacquer dial that reviews Monet’s Regatta at Argenteuil with clear tones of blue with white boats and a dash of verdant green out of sight. The wood marquetry dial watch is propelled by Castillo de San Marcos fortress in St. Augustine, Florida. The hardened steel case is made in America, and these watches are fitted with Swiss programmed developments that house a strong gold RGM perlage-completed rotor. The watches offer 42 hours of force hold and highlight a sapphire caseback for survey the development. Curiously, both of these models retail for USD 13,900.

Because the modest 28mm watches are about the old-world specialty of hand painting, RGM didn’t deliver another development for the arrangement. All things being equal, for these ladies’ watches, he goes to a heavenly type, the Swiss-made ETA-Peseux 70001 hand-twisted development with 17 gems and 42 hours of force hold. With accuracy guaranteed within, RGM diverted a large group of artists from around the globe to do the hand painting of the two versions.

One Lady RGM watch includes a small scale hand painting on a mother-of-pearl dial and portrays a wonderful blue titmouse bird with yellow bosom roosted on a bloom branch. The blossoms are portrayed in pink and take after cherry blooms or hydrangeas. The shadows of specific blooms fall behind them in shades of dim, and in a couple of spots green forgets about fly, too. The straightforward magnificence and definite artistic creation of this dial is an investigation in art and tastefulness. This variant is offered in treated steel or in 18-karat rose gold with a jewel set case and drags. It is done with a Keystone symbol crocodile tie in a brilliant pink that coordinates the flowers.

The second Lady RGM art watch being delivered grandstands little hand painting yet with brilliant paint. The lotus blossom is made in tones of pink, lavender, blue and purple with a middle displaying some fire yellow and red.  It appears to involve 3/4 of the dial, which is 12 PM blue behind the lotus with wisps of fluorescent green skimming on the edges looking practically like the Northern lights. Because of various layers and levels of brilliant paint, the dial has a profundity and gleam to it that offers it a remarkable character. This watch is done with a light blue crocodile lash that coordinates the blue in the petals. Created in 18-karat rose gold, it is additionally accessible in a 28mm case made of American pure steel.

Each of the watches includes a sapphire gem and a sapphire caseback for survey of the development, which highlights Cote de Genève, perlage and anglage. Like the entirety of RGM’s watches, the insightful lady can likewise commission an interesting piece hand-painted according to her own artistic longings. These watches retail from USD 15,900 to USD 24,900 (depending on the model and the presence or not of diamonds).

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This article has been composed by Roberta Naas, organizer of A Timely Perspective ; and writer of six books on watches.