Almost Vintage… Christie’s To Auction Online Three Of The Earliest URWERK Watches

By rolex
April 5, 2021
5 min read

Almost vintage… Indeed, this expression may be somewhat provocative, notwithstanding, consider that what you see here is a period case, containing 20 long stretches of history. That’s right, this year the forever young and innovative brand URWERK is praising twenty years  of intense and unchained horological manifestations. In this way, all things considered, vintage… Maybe not! Incredibly collectible… Most certainly, as Christie’s Watches Online is presently offering for sale three of the soonest URWERK watches, giving you the rare freedom to get your hands on a piece of the independent scene’s history.

20 years prior, one youthful watchmaker – Felix Baumgartner – and one youthful creator – Martin Frei – chose to dispatch their own watch image , which was uncovered to the world at the AHCI stall during Baselworld 1997. Don’t be tricked by the little and very out of date look of these watches. Of course, they are far away from the trying looks of the brand’s later manifestations, for example, the UR-T8 or the UR-210 . Notwithstanding, once upon a time, the principal URWERK was an impact. The most surprising thing in any case, is that when you take a gander at the subtleties, these three watches that Christies Watches Online is offering for deal , really have everything: the special presentation, the non-compromised look, the Sci-Fi inspiration… These watches are the establishment, the foundations of one of our number one brands and an ideal declaration to the work accomplished by these two regarded gentlemen.

Finding one of these early URWERK watches, which means the UR-101 or the UR-102, for auction is truly difficult. Right off the bat, they were delivered in little amounts. Furthermore, we as a whole realize that auctioneers are more focused on selling vintage Pateks and Rolexes than youthful clock watches from independent watchmakers (more productive maybe…) Thus, it was with pleasure that we found that Christie’s, through its Online Auction page , is currently offering for deal not one but rather three “vintage/early” URWERK watches, including two UR-102 and the absolute first of them each of the, one UR-101.

The URWERK UR-101/40

The URWERK UR-101 was dispatched at Baselworld in 1997 and was the company’s first watch. The UR-101 was, plan shrewd, a complete surprise back in 1997. Its case is formed like Han Solo’s space make, the Millennium Falcon, from the famous actor Wars – you can as of now see here where the brand takes some of its inspiration, having always depended on Sci-Fi and space makes for its watches. The showcase was likewise enormously imaginative, with meandering hours running on a semi-round moment track ( a presentation propelled by 16th century Italian night-tickers made for the Pope ). Truth be told, everything the brand is known for today is here, making this watch an absolute necessity have in any assortment focussed on autonomous watchmaking.

The  URWERK UR-101/40 available to be purchased here was delivered in 1999 and arrived in a restricted creation of 500 pieces made in 18k white gold. This is number 7. The case, while in extremely fair condition, shows some slight imprints, yet nothing to stress over. It will be conveyed with box and unique endorsement. URWERK will offer a free complete development upgrade to the buyer. The watch is assessed at USD 8,000 – 12,000 and is current offered (at the time this article is distributed) is USD 7,000. An extraordinary chance to claim a piece of history and an uncommon watch – recorded here .


Just one year after their first watch, in 1998, Frei & Baumgartner presented their subsequent creation, the URWERK UR-102. In view of a similar development and show as the primary watch – wandering hours on a semi-round moment track – they overhauled the case, again propelled by space creates, anyway this time no Sci-Fi except for reality. The plan of this model was motivated by the Soviet satellite Sputnik: a totally round case and surprising approach to fix the strap, with 4 horns. Amusing account: these hauls are equivalent to Swatch watches…

The present URWERK UR-102  was delivered in an exceptionally restricted creation run and this example is number 12. The 38mm case is hardened steel, with a blue track for the minutes and a coordinating strap. The case is in acceptable condition with slight scratches and the movement is good to go at the hour of inventoriing and URWERK will offer a free complete development update to the purchaser. The assessment for this UR-102 is USD 8,000 – 12,000 and current offer (at distributing time) is USD 7,000. Once more, an incredible chance to purchase a watch once in a while seen on open deal. Recorded here .

The URWERK UR-102 “Black Series”

Probably the most uncommon and boldest of the three watches recorded here – in all genuineness, one that I’ve never at any point found in the metal before. In view of a similar case, development and show as the past watch, URWERK chose to give the UR-102 the all black treatment, again a style that will re-surface later on later manifestations of the brand. This URWERK UR-102 “Black Series” is amazingly uncommon, with only 10 pieces created. The current model is number 6.

The present URWERK UR-102 “Black Series” is fairly extraordinary regarding materials, as the case is ceramicized, anodized aluminum with platinum case back – a serious unordinary combination. The tie and the moment track are additionally done in black. The case is in acceptable condition with light surface imprints. The dark covering is for the most part in-civility and gives little indications of wear. The development is ready to rock ‘n roll at the hour of recording and URWERK will offer a free complete development upgrade to the purchaser. It comes with unique box. The assessment for this UR-102 “Black Series” is USD 8,000 – 12,000 and current offer (at distributing time) is USD 7,500. Recorded here .